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Cloud 3D Print and The 4th AM Innovation and Application competition

Mech Solutions won 2nd prize in the 4th AM Innovation and Application Competition in Beijing

Mech Solutions has earned the second-highest score in the 4th AM Innovation and Application competition in Beijing among 100 competitors. … Read More

AEye System

AEye Assistant Overview

AEye Assistant is a well-developed Artificial Intelligence computer vision tool that aids without the presence of labour through image-based detection. … Read More

Cloud 3D Print AEye system

Cloud 3D Print -A Seamless Integrated 3D Printing Management System

The solution to all your 3D printing problems is here with Cloud 3D Print, an innovative and empowered Cloud 3D printing service trusted by companies worldwide. Streamline your workflow on our cloud computing engine while safely storing your important information on our servers. … Read More

Cloud 3D Print

“Cloud 3D Print” Beta Version is Live!

Cloud 3D Print software is an integrated cloud-based platform that links up the 3D printing workspace to the network and lets you manage the project workflow on the cloud from anywhere around the world. It aims to be one of the top remote monitoring, management and control software applications for your 3D printer. It offers features such as online slicing, monitor & control, project management, AI failure detection and much more. … Read More

ICAP support of Mech Solutions Export!

By selecting Mech Solutions Ltd. to be a part of the International Co-Innovation with China and the U.S. Program (ICAP), we will be able to achieve our objective projects. … Read More

AI support from Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII)!

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) is supporting the AI-based Processor by Cloud 3D Print through its collaboration with Mech Solutions Ltd. … Read More

What Is Online Slicing And What Is Its Importance In 3D Printing?

A 3D printer works by receiving instructions about what to make and how to make from the slicer software. The slicer breaks down or ‘slices’ the whole into several subsets of instructions that are given to the 3D printer. … Read More

The Endless Applications of 3D Printing!

The Cloud 3D Print software in specific aims to provide consumers with an all-in-one solution to create and manage their own 3D printing designs without dealing with the costs and technical sides of 3D printing. Through the platform, users across the globe can easily access and collaborate on various 3D printing projects across the web. … Read More

Cloud 3D Print Project Management

Project Management with Cloud 3D Print: An All in One Solution to Your 3D Printing Troubles!

Tired of dealing with your 3D printing projects, customers, team members, and logistics through separate platforms? Try out Cloud 3D Print and perform all these project management tasks in one place! … Read More

Online Slicing with Cloud 3D Print: 3D Printing on the go!

Ever faced problems while slicing your CAD models and transferring them to your 3D printer? Use our easy-to-use online slicing tool and send sliced models directly to your 3D printer from anywhere you are! … Read More