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The Breakthrough of High-Speed Robot Wheels by Padmalaya Rawal

In the dynamic field of robotics, Padmalaya Rawal, a prominent robotics maker, has achieved a remarkable feat. He has ingeniously developed a high-speed robot wheel that promises to revolutionize the domain. This breakthrough utilizes 3D printing technology alongside a creatively … Read More

Unleash Your Creativity with Cloud 3D Print: New Tutorials Live Now

Unleash Your Creativity with Cloud 3D Print: New Tutorials Live Now

Are you new to 3D printing and feeling overwhelmed by the process? Do you want to learn how to use Cloud 3D Print to its fullest potential? If so, Mech Solutions Ltd has got you covered! Mech Solutions Ltd is … Read More

A Winning Partnership: How Cloud 3D Print & BTT Pi Collaboration Elevates the 3D Printing Experience for Users

A Winning Partnership: How Cloud 3D Print & BTT Collaboration Elevates the 3D Printing Experience for Users

Cloud 3D Print, powered by Mech Solutions Ltd., is excited to announce its latest partnership with BIGTREETECH by BIQU Technology Co. Ltd. Together, we have developed the co-branded BTT Pi, which is now available for purchase. Our goal is to … Read More

Mech Solutions Presented at Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing International Cooperation Networking Conference

On June 29, 2022, the “Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing International Cooperation Networking Conference”, was successfully held in Fengtai District. This conference was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology to discuss the emerging intelligent technologies as they … Read More

Mech Solutions Transforms Learning With 3D Printing at Stonehaven Elementary School

3D Printers have significant potential as a teaching resource and can have a positive impact on student engagement and learning. This is only possible if schools can utilize 3D printers in an effective and meaningful way. Schools should explore the … Read More

Materials Used In The Construction of 3D Printed Products

  To produce consistently high-quality products, 3D printing, like any other manufacturing process, requires high-quality materials that satisfy consistent specifications. Material controls methods, requirements, and agreements are developed between suppliers, buyers, and end-users of the material to achieve sustainability. 3D … Read More

Cloud 3D Print Sliced Model

Introducing Powerful and Easy-to-Use Slicing Engines to Cloud3DPrint

All layer-by-layer manufacturing processes requires STL or CAD models to be divided into slices for part manufacturing. The 2D section of each layer allows us to determine the geometry of the slices. Whereas, the layer thickness determines the height of … Read More

AEye Assistant working process

Let Us Monitor The AI Failure Detection Job For You!

We designed an AI failure detection module called AEye Assistant and integrated it into our Cloud 3D Print software. It utilizes the state-of-the-art computer vision-based object detection model in artificial intelligence to detect printing failures quickly and accurately. It can catch print failures early and intervene in the process automatically by pausing, resuming, and cancelling prints anytime. With the help of the failure detection function, you no longer need to check your printer from time to time when it’s working on your printing job. … Read More