Control & Monitor

Print remotely and view the real-time progress of your 3D printers from anywhere

Control and monitor from anywhere

Watching a 3D printer operate is mesmerizing yet painfully slow. Cloud 3D print offers advanced remote monitoring and control features for your printers. Cloud monitoring allows you to view real-time progress of your jobs with our snapshot features and the ability to record live videos.

Live control

Control your 3D printer remotely in LAN and cloud environment. Functions include axis movement control, g-code analysis, and temperature fluctuation analysis.


We have applied patent Pending invention (US: 17011773, applied September 2020) for a multiple and synchronous 3D printer communication system that can manage multiple serial connections to multiple 3D printers.

Real-time streaming

Monitor your 3D printers with Pi and USB Camera. Monitor multiple 3D printers on a single screen. Cloud 3D Print allows you to connect multiple cameras for your 3D printers and never lose sight of your workplace!


Start to monitor all your 3D print jobs remotely with our Real-Time Streaming service at your fingertips. USB and Raspberry Pi (CSI) camera are supported, with optimization made for Raspberry Pi (CSI) camera.

More Than Just a Cloud-Based Octoprint

Octoprint is indeed a powerful open-source platform with over 300 plugins and has attracted thousands of 3D printer hobbyists. However, seeing the limitation due to some of its outdated technologies, we decide to develop our techniques from scratch for the following reasons


The values we bring

Ease of access

Access your 3D printer or even multiple ones all at once securely from anywhere and anytime.

Ease of control

Start, pause, and cancel prints at your fingertip; Move printer nozzle in 3-dimension without delay.

Quick analysis

G-Code analysis and temperature fluctuation analysis for your review; Snapshot, live stream and time-lapse video to your choice.