Solutions for a Secure and Intelligent Printing Experience

All-in-one Cloud Platform

Boost the productivity of your team with Cloud 3D Print! Work with your colleagues on the same 3D printing project and never miss the deadline. The introduction of AI failure detection helps bring 24/7 monitor to your print jobs and prevent filament waste.

Team Collaboration with Project Management

Work with your team and keep everything well-managed on the Cloud.

Streamline the Multiple-printer Control

Keep in the loop about all your print jobs. Gain full control over the printer of your choice right in a click.

Save Budget and Filament with AI

AEye - AI print failure detection will help build a safe workplace and save cost on material waste and labour resource.

Why Cloud 3D Print

High Productivity with Project Collaboration

Designed for team users to collaborate on the same 3D printing project for better productivity.

Monitor and Control All your Printers with Ease

Get instant access to your 3D printers in real time and control from anywhere.

24/7 AI Failure Detection

Get your print job done with less filament waste and labour resource.

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Trusted by top educational institutions for the cloud 3D printing solutions


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