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The Use of 3D Printing in Extraordinary Ways

Commercial and inexpensive available 3D printers are expected to be the next disruptive invention in technology. Having such a wide array of uses, 3D printers are expected to play a pivotal role in manufacturing various products in different industries. Its … Read More

Cloud 3D Print and The 4th AM Innovation and Application competition

Mech Solutions won 2nd prize in the 4th AM Innovation and Application Competition in Beijing

Mech Solutions has earned the second-highest score in the 4th AM Innovation and Application competition in Beijing among 100 competitors. … Read More

AEye Assistant working process

Let Us Monitor The AI Failure Detection Job For You!

We designed an AI failure detection module called AEye Assistant and integrated it into our Cloud 3D Print software. It utilizes the state-of-the-art computer vision-based object detection model in artificial intelligence to detect printing failures quickly and accurately. It can catch print failures early and intervene in the process automatically by pausing, resuming, and cancelling prints anytime. With the help of the failure detection function, you no longer need to check your printer from time to time when it’s working on your printing job. … Read More

Cloud 3D Print

2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund Recipient

“Congratulations to @MechSolutions for being selected as one of this year’s Stream Two recipients! Mech Solutions is creating their Cloud 3D Print software with AI failure detection feature, an innovative product currently in the beta testing stage that will be launched to the market in early 2022.” … Read More

Innovation and Cloud 3D Print

Why is Cloud 3D Print Innovative

Cloud 3D Print is a user-friendly, creative and simple interface that offers a useful platform for all aspects of a successful 3D printing business. … Read More

Accessible 3D Printing via Cloud 3D Print

Benefit of Cloud 3D Print to Community

Cloud 3D Print is a novel 3D printing management platform that can have various benefits for the community. The benefits can come in the field of stem education, disaster management, development of prosthetics, construction of affordable housing, and progress in 3D bio-printing. … Read More

Challenges faced by Cloud 3D Print

Cloud 3D Print comes forth as a breakthrough technology platform in the field of 3D printing management. However, there are a few challenges faced by the software that if resolved can make the software a true game-changer. … Read More

History, Applications and Future prospects of 3D Printing

3D printing: Its History, Applications and Future Prospects

Although 3D printing originated in the 80s, it has become popular fairly recently. 3d printing has transformed manufacturing and shifted it from the industries to our homes. With its wide range of applications, 3d printing comes with the promise of an exciting future. … Read More