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The Endless Applications of 3D Printing!

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3D Printing is increasingly becoming of one the hottest trends in the market! Since its introduction in the 1980s, 3D printing has grown into a multi-billion-dollar market. While 3D printing was primarily used in the manufacturing, architecture, and medical sectors, improvements in technology have improved accessibility and affordability. This is one of the primary factors behind 3D printing’s large growth, it is now increasingly being used by everyday consumers!

To cater to this growing need in the market, companies like Cloud 3D print aims to make 3D printing simple and affordable. The Cloud 3D Print software will allow users to create and manage their various printing projects remotely.

With the emergence of new technologies like Cloud 3D print, it is clear that the applications of 3D printing will become endless. Below are descriptions of some of the many current applications of 3D printing.

3D printing in the Medical Industry

3D printing is used widely in the medical industry by doctors to assist the medical needs of their patients. For example, in 2012, medical researchers in Belgium and The Netherlands used 3D printing to replace the jaw of an elderly woman that was suffering from a severe infection. After the model was emplaced, the patient could speak and swallow normally without any pain.

3D printing in the Aerospace Industry

3D printing is used in the aerospace industry to create functional prototypes and lightweight components. For example, NASA currently uses a 3D printer at the International Space Station (ISS) to help astronauts create spare parts for their tools in space. With 3D printing, Astronauts are no longer required to carry spare parts in space and can easily create and design their own tools!

3D printing in the Automotive Industry

Similarly, 3D printing is also used in the automotive industry to create customizable prototypes for vehicle components. For example, companies like Porshe and Ford Motor Company use 3D printing to create a personalized setting in their vehicles ranging in the seat’s firmness level, unique design and colour.

Personal Uses of 3D Printing

In addition to the applications mentioned, there are also endless personal uses of 3D printing! For everyday consumers and entrepreneurs like yourself, 3D printing can aim to solve your personal and business needs.

The Cloud 3D Print software in specific aims to provide consumers with an all-in-one solution to create and manage their own 3D printing designs without dealing with the costs and technical sides of 3D printing. Through the platform, users across the globe can easily access and collaborate on various 3D printing projects across the web.

Be it an entrepreneur using 3D printing to create prototypes, or personal enthusiasts like yourself using 3D printing to replicate a figurine for your friend’s birthday. The possibilities are endless!

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