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“Cloud 3D Print” Beta Version is Live!

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What is “Cloud 3D Print”?

Over the last two years, we have been working on the Cloud 3D Print software, which is designed to offer you an integrated cloud-based platform that links up the 3D printing workspace to the network and lets you manage the project workflow on the cloud from anywhere around the world. It aims to be one of the top remote monitoring, management, and control software applications for your 3D printer. We keep ease of use and customization on our top list and will add more and more features and functionality in the future. Cloud 3D Print software will completely revolutionize the way 3D printing is carried out and let you enjoy the most fun part of the 3D printing world.


Cloud 3D Print

What does “Cloud 3D Print” offer?

The intuitive platform provides an all-in-one solution for dealing with the technical side of 3D printing: management of multiple printers and projects under user group, failure detection and alert during tedious printing procedure, and online collaborating with all individuals involved.

The main features that Cloud 3D Print currently has included:

  • Online Slicing: Slicing is something that has always been done using separate software. Our innovation incorporates the slicing feature in its management platform, complete with an interactive 3D model viewer and toolbar.
  • Control & Monitor: We offer advanced remote monitoring and control features for your printers via Pi and USB camera. You can monitor multiple 3D printers on a single screen from anywhere over the internet. It allows you to view the real-time progress of your jobs with our snapshot features and the ability to record live videos. You can also control your printer’s nozzle through axis movement and pause, resume, cancel your printing project remotely.
  • Project Management: Our service allows users to optimize task management for each individual project. Users can create and design jobs for specific 3D printers considering size, material, availability, and priority. They can also share project files with team members all in one place.
  • Cloud Storage: Cloud 3D Print users never have to worry about storage space. Our online cloud storage is enough for users’ 3D models, G-codes, documentation, statistics, and whatever they need in order to run their projects smoothly.
  • AI Failure Detection: We integrate the AI failure detection function into our platform and name it AEye Assistant. It is backed by a robust deep learning model to detect general printing errors such as spaghetti failure. It will save you time and money by watching your printing procedure and notify you as soon as a failure is detected. It can also control the printer on your behalf so that you no longer worry about your printing job when you’re away.

Let us monitor the printing job for you!

Features of Cloud 3D Print


Try it for free and let us know your thoughts

We are gradually rolling out invitations for a free trial of our software. If you haven’t received our invitation yet, just send us an email and we will be very happy to let you experience it. In the meantime, we will send out a questionnaire to you a period after your trial and will be sincerely grateful if your can share your feedback and thoughts with us. We will soon build a community for all our users to exchange ideas and let us improve our software based on your suggestion and recommendation, so as to make your printing job easier and simpler. Stay tuned!

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