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Mech Solutions + Cloud 3D Print – Collision 2022: Sizzle Reel by Reitium

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At the recent Collision 2022 Conference in Toronto, Canada, Mech Solutions was invited to team up with Reitium to produce a sizzle reel highlighting Cloud 3D Print, their innovative 3D printing project management software. Alex Mahdessian (Sales Manager and Director of Mech Solutions), participated in a candid interview. Questions ranged from basics like, “Just what is 3D printing?”, to “How will Cloud 3D Print impact the 3D printing industry, and what is the future you envision?”.

Check out the full interview below:



REITIUM was created in the fall of 2017. Winning a hackathon combined with personal interest and ah-has, we had a global vision in mind from day one. The mission: break down the barriers to allow anyone the opportunity to invest in real estate. After three years of building, testing, and R&D, the REITIUM marketplace dream has come to fruition. We built REITIUM with you in mind and we’re so glad you’re here. — Thomas Park, CEO


Collision 2022 Conference

Founders and CEOs of the world’s most successful tech companies – Substack, Ethereum,, Flexport, Cardano, Tezos, Binance, BlockFi, Chief, Calendly, Clearco, Cloudflare, and more – were in attendance, speaking across Collision’s 20-plus onstage tracks, including on the new Crypto track. Meanwhile, 120-plus national, regional, and local trade delegations participated in Collision to explore business opportunities with a global audience.

Deel, Canva, Trulioo, and FalconX are among the more than 100 decacorns and unicorns that attended and presented on stage at Collision in what many call “one of the best shows for up-and-coming startups”.

Cloud 3D Print

Cloud 3D Print is an all-in-one 3D printing ecosystem solution designed to optimize the manufacturing workflow. Rather than force users to spread their reach far and wide over multiple slicers, storage areas, software and physical hardware, which is the current industry approach, Cloud 3D Print provides a centralized working space. A streamlined UI allows for seamless printing, from file storage and slicing, to project analysis, and remote printing and printer control.

What sets Cloud 3D Print apart from others in the space attempting to provide similar solutions, is the use of an advanced AI Failure Detection module. With over 3 years of algorithmic training, Cloud 3D Print’s AEye Assistant eliminates the need for meticulous supervision during print jobs. AEye Assistant’s real-time analysis of the printing process detects any failures or abnormalities during the print, providing notifications and detailed photos to users who can then, stop, pause, or continue the print based on their control and recommendation. AEye Assistant reduces both costs associated with filament waste and costs associated with operational labor by allowing remote users to monitor multiple printers at once.

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