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AI support from Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII)!

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII) is supporting the AI-based Processor by Cloud 3D Print through its collaboration with Mech Solutions Ltd. … Read More

IRAP funding approval for Mech Solutions!

Mech Solutions Ltd. aims to be a global industry leader within the 3D printing space. Through the IRAP funding, Mech Solutions will commit to its mission of improving accessibility and productivity of 3D printing by integrating AI-based technology into their Cloud 3D Print platform. … Read More

What Is Online Slicing And What Is Its Importance In 3D Printing?

A 3D printer works by receiving instructions about what to make and how to make from the slicer software. The slicer breaks down or ‘slices’ the whole into several subsets of instructions that are given to the 3D printer. … Read More

The Endless Applications of 3D Printing!

The Cloud 3D Print software in specific aims to provide consumers with an all-in-one solution to create and manage their own 3D printing designs without dealing with the costs and technical sides of 3D printing. Through the platform, users across the globe can easily access and collaborate on various 3D printing projects across the web. … Read More

The ENCQOR 5G Demonstrate program and Mech Solutions: An Exciting Partnership!

With the advent of 5G and the increasing need of consumers wanting to access their work in the cloud on the go, users are likely to see the value and benefit from the software’s accessibility and convenient service. In addition, with the high-performance computing from the cloud server, the online slicing engine will also provide users with easy use and quick slicing processing, detailed path simulation and in-time technical support. … Read More

The Canada Summer Jobs Program and Mech Solutions!

 Mech Solutions is excited to announce that our company has been selected to be part of the Canada Summer Jobs Program! … Read More

The TalentEdge Internship Program’s Collaboration with Mech Solutions!

Mech Solutions is excited to announce this year, our company has been selected to be part of the TalentEdge Internship Program. Through this program, Mech Solutions will be working with young talents to develop and test advanced 3D printing online slicing features for the Cloud 3D Print software. … Read More

3D Printing Defects

The Mitacs Accelerate program: An Exciting Collaboration Between Mech Solutions and UofT

An Exciting Collaboration Between Mech Solutions and UofT to adopt a modern manufacturing technique into the Canadian industries and make Canada the leading contributor in the world of 3D printing. … Read More

Cloud 3D Print Project Management

Project Management with Cloud 3D Print: An All in One Solution to Your 3D Printing Troubles!

Tired of dealing with your 3D printing projects, customers, team members, and logistics through separate platforms? Try out Cloud 3D Print and perform all these project management tasks in one place! … Read More

Online Slicing with Cloud 3D Print: 3D Printing on the go!

Ever faced problems while slicing your CAD models and transferring them to your 3D printer? Use our easy-to-use online slicing tool and send sliced models directly to your 3D printer from anywhere you are! … Read More