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The TalentEdge Internship Program’s Collaboration with Mech Solutions!

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The TalentEdge Internship Program (TIP) provides support for the university, college students and recent undergraduate or Masters’s graduates to get hands-on industry experience while working on research and development projects related to 5G, wireless and digital technologies. The program also aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises to help develop and advance new technologies, products, processes, and services (OCI, 2021).

Mech Solutions is excited to announce this year, our company has been selected to be part of the TalentEdge Internship Program. Through this program, Mech Solutions will be working with young talents to develop and test advanced 3D printing online slicing features for the Cloud 3D Print software. Our goal through this venture is to expedite the Cloud 3D print software launch by making the platform more efficient and user-friendly.

Cloud 3D Print

Our vision for Mech Solutions is to be the leading innovator in 3D print technology in Canada. We hope to do this by being actively being involved in researching advanced topics in 3D printing technology. Our latest research project, “Cloud 3D Print” combines the powers of cloud computing and 5G with advanced 3D printing technology through the IoT control panel (known as the Cloud 3D Panel). The Cloud 3D Panel allows users to connect multiple 3D printers to the internet and then manage and control their 3D projects through web browsers and mobile apps. Thus, the main features of Cloud 3D print include 3D printing online slicing, project management, online storage, 3D printing failure detections and more.

Overall, Cloud 3D Print was designed to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable for everyday 3D printing enthusiasts, 3D printer manufacturers, businesses, and educators and more. The software will aim to reduce 3D printing defects, shorten printing times, and create a comprehensive management system that allows users to manage and collaborate on various printing projects across the globe.

Cloud 3D Print

Project Objectives: Develop and test the Cloud 3D Print’s cloud slicing features

Cloud slicing is the key feature of Cloud3D Print. Through the TIP program, our interns at Mech Solutions will work and collaborate to develop and test the advanced slicing features of the Cloud 3D print such as:

  • Customized slicing parameter feature: This will allow users to create and save customized slicing parameters such as resolution, shell thickness, temperature, and more.
  • Multiple files feature: will allow users to slice multiple files simultaneously instead of one.
  • Repair 3D model function: This will enable the software to check the printability and automatically repair the issue to avoid fewer printing failures.
  • 3D printer compatibility with Cloud 3D print: using results obtained from the 3D printer community/manufacturers to make changes to the software to ensure strong compatibility.
  • 3D model format conversion: studying and testing the different 3D model formats to improve convertibility of the software’s non-standard model formats for slicing (e.g., ctm, ply, 3ds, etc.).
  • Slicing Message feature: This will allow users to see the detailed 3D printing slicing procedure including remaining time and percentage of progress using the WebSocket API.
  • Non-planner slicing implementation function: will enable the 3D printers to move along the path of the model’s surface geometry to match the non-planar surface.
  • Compatibility of the DLP 3D printer with Cloud 3D printer: develop slicing engine to support the DLP 3D printers instead of only FDM 3D printers.
  • Global 3D printer settings: implement global 3D printer settings standards for the FDM and DLP 3D printers.
  • Auto-slice functions: creating and improving automatic slicing functions using the optimal settings for the 3D printers supported by Cloud 3D Print.

By adding and/or improving these unique features of Cloud 3D print, we hope to make the platform more efficient, easier to use and cause fewer printing errors for users. These improvements will also aim to expedite the entry of the Cloud 3D print into the market. With the advent of 5G and the increasing need of consumers wanting to access their work in the cloud on the go, users are likely to see the value and benefit from the software’s accessibility and convenient service.

Overall, through this venture, we hope to bring more subscribers to Cloud 3D Print and create an absolute advantage over the traditional slicing software companies! We believe 3D printing should be made simple, accessible, and affordable. Stay tuned for the launch of Cloud 3D print!

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