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The ENCQOR 5G Demonstrate program and Mech Solutions: An Exciting Partnership!

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The ENCQOR 5G Demonstration program supports small and medium-sized enterprises to help develop and advance new technologies, products, processes, and services (OCI, 2021). The program focuses on the research and innovation in the field of 5G disruptive technologies, adoption initiatives and system use (OCI, 2021).

Mech Solutions is excited to announce this year, our company has been selected to be part of the ENCQOR 5G Demonstration program! Through this program, Mech Solutions is aiming to develop and test our Cloud 3D Print cloud slicing software with the ENCQOR 5G Environment.

Company background

Mech Solutions Ltd is an Ontario-based 3D printing company that was launched in January 2017. It provides one time stop for consumers for their 3D printing needs. Our services include 3D printing retailing, 3D printing service, mechanical design, simulation, and 3D printing related software. We utilize our expertise and experience in the field of 3D printing to help solve users’ complex 3D printing problems, help them design complex and large assemblies and assist them in developing and printing customized 3D printed products.

Cloud 3D Print

Our vision for Mech Solutions is to be the leading innovator in 3D print technology in Canada. We hope to do this by being actively involved in researching advanced topics in 3D printing technology to make the process more cost-effective and efficient. Our latest research project is “Cloud 3D Print” which combines the powers of cloud computing and 5G with advanced 3D printing technology. It will be a cloud-based software and hardware platform that links up 3D printing workspaces and allows users to manage their project workflows through web browsers and mobile apps. The main features of the Cloud 3D print include 3D printing online slicing, project management, online storage, 3D printing failure detections and more.

Overall, Cloud 3D Print is designed to make 3D printing more accessible and affordable for everyday consumers, entrepreneurs, and educators. The software will aim to reduce 3D printing defects, shorten printing times, and create a comprehensive management system that allows users to manage and collaborate on various printing projects across the globe.

Limitation of the LTE network

The Mech Solutions team has developed the slicing function in Cloud 3D Print and has taken the 3D printing process online. However, the current LTE network cannot meet the requirements for Cloud 3D print’s main functions due to the slow data processing and latency of the LTE environment. For example, the latency in the LTE environment can be up to 800ms depending on the locations and local situation. These factors will cause a noticeable lag and a bad user experience for users which has been hindering the entry of the Cloud 3D print software into the market.

The solution to our problem: The 5G Network

Mech Solutions believe 5G network is the best solution to addressing this challenge. Through the ENCQOR Demonstrate program, Mech Solutions aims to develop a cloud slicing tool over the 5G network that allows users to create, manage, and collaborate on their 3D printing projects across the globe.

The 5G Network and Cloud 3D Print
Figure 1: Application of the 5G Network with Cloud 3D print


With the advent of 5G and the increasing need of consumers wanting to access their work in the cloud on the go, users are likely to see the value and benefit from the software’s accessibility and convenient service. In addition, with the high-performance computing from the cloud server, the online slicing engine will also provide users with easy use and quick slicing processing, detailed path simulation and in-time technical support.

Overall, through this venture, we hope to bring more subscribers to Cloud 3D Print and create an absolute advantage over the traditional slicing software companies! We believe 3D printing should be made simple, accessible, and affordable. Stay tuned for the launch of Cloud 3D print!


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