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Mech Solutions Transforms Learning With 3D Printing at Stonehaven Elementary School

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3D Printers have significant potential as a teaching resource and can have a positive impact on student engagement and learning. This is only possible if schools can utilize 3D printers in an effective and meaningful way. Schools should explore the potential benefits of using this technology in their curriculums. Similarly, Mech Solutions is also on a mission to transform school curriculums by introducing students and educators to 3D Printers and teaching them the educational value opportunities. Our current project, Cloud 3D Print, provides many additional educational opportunities. The software assists both educators and students in managing the 3D printing workflow, as well providing AI failure detection, remote control and monitoring, and advanced analytics. These features increase the scope of learning and provide even greater opportunities for learning and specialization.

To showcase the educational opportunities of 3D printing, Mech Solutions conducted a presentation at Stonehaven Elementary School. Initially, the students were introduced to the general concept of 3D printers. Then, they were shown how their ideas and designs can be brought to life through the printing and design process. The students were then taught how the slicing software is used in the conversion of a 3D object model to specific instructions for the 3D printer. To engage and motivate the students, hands-on tutorials were provided that enhanced the overall enthusiasm towards schools and learning.

Overall, 3D printing is a great opportunity to leverage STEM learning, allowing students to broaden their scope of learning and delve into more complex subjects. Before we continue, it’s important to remember that safety is always a priority while using 3D printers. In general, students should never be left alone with 3D printers and should only use them with supervision. After all, the 3D printer, like a hammer or a sewing machine, is an instrument that may inflict injury even inadvertently. There are concerns, if necessary measures are not followed. because of the moving parts and the intense temperatures. In light of the above concerns, Mech Solution offers detailed 3D printing tutorials and hands-on demos to educate both instructors and students about the steps, procedures and potential risks associated with 3D printing.

The Major Benefits of 3D Printing in Schools

Unlike studying a textbook or listening to a lecture, 3D printing allows students to engage with the equipment and participate in the printing process. It encourages real-world understanding as most of what is taught in schools is theoretical, rather than witnessing the outcomes and implications directly like in 3D printing.

3D Printing Creates Excitement

Students may experience the printing process from the design stage to the actual construction of the model through 3D printing. As students acquire hands-on experience with the design process from idea to reality, this fosters both enthusiasm and a sense of tangible achievement. As the student constructs the project layer by layer, the individual features become more apparent. The chance to investigate things in real life, rather than merely on a computer or in a textbook, adds to the excitement.

3D Printing Gives Access to Previously Unavailable Knowledge

It is a fun cutting-edge technology for students to master because most 3D printers are pre-assembled and plug-and-play. Students learn that failing on the first try and trying again to improve is perfectly acceptable. Students become less frightened to try and implement new and innovative ideas in life once they grasp that failure is a part of the process. This inspires confidence in students, increasing self-motivation and participation.

3D Printing Promotes Problem-Solving Skills

Students can use 3D printers to engage in a range of learning activities. They must understand how to run and troubleshoot various 3D printers, as well as how to diagnose and fix difficulties. Many pupils may not have the opportunity to participate in this type of work as part of their regular study. Students develop patience and endurance in overcoming hurdles by learning how to troubleshoot and solve 3D printer problems.

3D printing is amazing. It gives you a tiny manufacturing plant and prototyping tool right inside your school, which your students can use to bring their imaginations to life. Give your students (and yourself!) the transformative opportunity to see what awesomeness they can create with 3D printing technology. Not sure how to get started? Mech Solutions is ready and available to come to your school for an in person or virtual presentation.

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