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Cloud 3D Print Pricing Plans: Choose the Plan That Works for You

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Cloud 3D Print utilizes the SaaS model, which enables easy usage of the free version with limited functions. Upgrades to the basic and pro packages, which offer more advanced features, are also available. If you wish to collaborate with others, our team and business packages are the perfect solution.

Choosing you Pricing plan:

Cloud 3D Print offers its users different pricing plans that cater to their needs. It provides a range of options to choose from, ensuring that everyone can find a plan that suits them. If you’re someone who wants to stay flexible, you can choose to pay on a monthly basis. On the other hand, if you know that you’ll be using the service for an extended period, you can opt for the annual payment option. With the annual payment option, you’ll also receive a 20% discount on the total cost of the plan.

Cloud 3D Print Pricing Plans: Choose the Plan That Works for You

Personal – Free Plan

A personal free plan is a great option for individual users who are looking for an affordable way to manage their 3D printing projects. With the personal free plan, users can connect up to two 3D printers and have access to 2GB of storage. This storage space is more than enough for most users and allows them to store their designs, models, and other project-related files without worrying about running out of space.

The 30-day activity log is another great feature of the personal free plan. Users can keep track of their activity, which can be helpful in keeping them organized and on track. This feature is especially useful for those who work on multiple projects simultaneously and want to keep track of their progress.

The personal free plan also supports unlimited online slicing. However, the online slicing feature is less prioritized in the queue compared to paid plans. This means that users may experience slower slicing times during peak hours.

Another feature of the personal free plan is the ability to take a snapshot of an ongoing printing job from a live stream of 0.1 FPS. This feature is useful for users who want to monitor their 3D printing progress remotely. However, users should note that the resolution of the snapshot will be low compared to paid plans.

Essential Plan

The Essential plan is designed for individual users who want to enjoy the benefits of Cloud 3D Print’s services without breaking the bank. With this package, users can enjoy up to 4 3D printers, 10 GB of storage, and 20 hours of AI function every month. This package is perfect for hobbyists, students, or anyone who wants to experiment with 3D printing technology without committing to a higher-tier package.

Aside from these features, the Essential plan also offers an unlimited activity log to help users keep track of their data. This is especially useful for those who want to monitor their printing projects, as well as analyze and optimize their printing workflow.

Online slicing is also unlimited with the Essential plan, although it is less prioritized in the queue. This means that users may experience longer wait times for online slicing when there is high demand for the service.

In addition, the Essential plan also offers a 5 FPS live stream (if applicable) with a high-resolution snapshot during ongoing printing jobs to allow users to monitor their printing projects in real-time, as well as share their progress with others.

Lastly, the Essential plan allows users to record or time-lapse their printing videos. However, there is a limitation on the duration of the recording. Despite this limitation, users can still enjoy the benefits of video recording to help them analyze their printing projects, as well as share their work with others.

AI Pro Plan

The AI Pro plan is a fantastic package for individual users who require more advanced 3D printing capabilities. It provides support for six 3D printers, allowing you to work on multiple projects simultaneously. With 15GB of online storage included, you can store all your files securely and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. If you need more storage, you can add 2GB for every $1.

The AI Pro plan offers unlimited projects and activity logs, as well as unlimited online slicing for 3D models, making it easier to prepare them for printing.

The plan also offers live streaming up to 15 FPS (if applicable). This feature is incredibly useful if you want to monitor your 3D printing progress remotely. You can watch your print job in real-time and make adjustments as needed.

Moreover, the AI Pro plan includes 720 hours of AI function per month. This means that you can use artificial intelligence to enhance your 3D printing experience. The plan also provides high-resolution snapshots, limited record printing video, and time-lapse video to help you capture your 3D prints and share them with others.

Business Plan

This package is designed to cater to the needs of 3D print farms and small organizations with a limited number of subscribed seats. To ensure that our clients have access to the latest technology, this plan supports n seats, with each seat offering 720 hours of AI time per month. In addition, our clients can benefit from 6 x n 3D printers and 30 x n GB storage, which can be used to store essential data and files.

But that’s not all! This package offers unlimited video recording, high-resolution snapshots, and time-lapse recording, providing our clients with a comprehensive view of their projects. Furthermore, our clients will have access to a dedicated customer manager, who will be there to assist them every step of the way. With our expert customer support team, our clients will never feel lost or alone as they navigate the complexities of 3D printing technology.

Customization Plan

The package is an excellent fit for teams of any size, offering a range of features that streamline collaboration, productivity, and security. It includes everything in the Team package, with the added benefit of a private server to ensure enhanced data privacy and security.

In addition, the package offers customized design support to meet your unique needs. With an unlimited number of 3D printers, you can take on more projects and scale your business with ease. The package also comes with unlimited online storage, so you never have to worry about running out of space for your important files.

Furthermore, the package supports up to 10+ users, making it an ideal solution for teams of any size. With enhanced collaboration capabilities, your team can work together seamlessly, ensuring that projects are completed on time and to the highest standard. Overall, this package is an excellent investment for any team looking to take their productivity and security to the next level.

Cloud 3D Print Pricing Plans: Choose the Plan That Works for You

By providing its users with a range of options, Cloud 3D Print ensures that everyone can find a plan that works for them. So why wait? Sign up now and start exploring the limitless possibilities of 3D printing with our innovative package!

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