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Cloud 3D Print wins the “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition

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Cloud 3D Print powered by Mech Solutions Ltd. was recently awarded first place in the North America semi final of the “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition. The competition was hosted by the Nanjing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and organized by the Sino-US Technology Innovation Cooperation Center, and the event took place at the Global Hub in Atlanta.

Win in Nanjing Entrepreneurship Competition: A Platform for Global Talent and Innovation

The “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition is a highly prestigious event that aims to attract high-level overseas talents from around the world to start businesses in Nanjing, China. The competition has been held annually since 2012 and has become a crucial platform for international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology innovation.

Cloud 3D Print at Win in Nanjing

The competition has a unique format that consists of both domestic and overseas preliminary competitions, culminating in the Nanjing final competition. The competition has successfully held eleven sessions in a row, and over the years, it has attracted over 3,100 overseas students from 32 countries/regions worldwide to participate.

The competition aims to “gather the world, create the future, and win in Nanjing” by building an international platform for talent and project display and exchange, discovering and cultivating high-quality entrepreneurial projects mainly led by overseas students to settle in Nanjing.

This year’s “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition North America semi final was held on February 25th at the Global Hub in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the launch of the North American division in 2023, over 90 projects from various fields around the world have been collected to participate in the competition. After strict qualification review and selection, 16 high-quality projects made it to the finals.

The 16 high-quality projects that entered the North American semi final competition were from various fields such as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, software and information services, and big health. Each project was evaluated based on its feasibility, innovation, market potential, and social value.

Cloud 3D Print: AI-Enhanced Cloud 3D Printing System

Cloud 3D Print also participated in the competition and, as a result of their remarkable achievements, they were able to secure first place. Cloud 3D Print is a platform for 3D printing that is cloud-based and AI-powered, allowing users to access, manage, and monitor their 3D printing tasks from anywhere in the world. With advanced AI failure detection capabilities, this platform makes 3D printing easier than ever before, ensuring that printing material and time are not wasted. Attendees gave Cloud 3D Print many positive reviews for their impressive work. The company is always seeking new ways to provide innovative and user-friendly technology for not only individuals, but also large industries.

The competition awarded Cloud 3D Print with an array of attractive prizes, including cash rewards, entrepreneurship support, talent housing, and venture capital and financing services. In addition, winners of the first prize in the “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Competition Finals during the past two years are also recommended by key areas (parks) and can apply for direct evaluation of the Zijin Mountain Talent Plan for high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talent projects.

The “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition provided a valuable platform for Cloud 3D Print to present their innovative idea to the business community. This promoted international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology innovation, helping to build a brighter future for all.

Cloud 3D Print at Win in Nanjing

The competition’s impact on Nanjing’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has been remarkable. Over the years, 220 people have won awards in the final competition, 96 people have been selected for Nanjing’s key talent introduction plan, and more than 130 science and technology enterprises have been founded in Nanjing. The competition has helped to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nanjing, attracting a multitude of talented individuals from all over the world.

The competition has also helped to promote Nanjing as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The competition aims to promote Nanjing’s reputation as a city of opportunities, a city of innovation, and a city of dreams. The competition has brought together investors, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers from around the world, creating a unique platform for collaboration and cooperation.

Congratulations to all the winners of the “Win in Nanjing” Overseas Talents Entrepreneurship Competition North America Final, and good luck to all future participants. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this exciting event.

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