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Why 3D Printing Management Systems are Essential for the Education Sector

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3D printing technologies in education aid in better learning and skill development, as well as enhancing student and teacher engagement with the subject matter. Furthermore, when it comes to addressing problems, 3D printing encourages more innovation and teamwork. Unless an institute has a wealth of 3D printing expertise and resources, which only a few institutes have, managing 3D printers can be difficult. Students must prepare multiple distinct file formats because it is a multi-step procedure. The manufacturing process can be extremely slow, which might cause bottlenecks when it comes to printing and enabling student learning. Additionally, 3D printers will require maintenance, such as filament replacement. In the presence of such issues, the developers of Cloud 3D Print decided to add an extensive 3D project management feature to their platform that can aid the educational sector in achieving its goals.

With Cloud 3D Print, students can take advantage of managing and controlling the entire printing process within one platform. They can simply connect all the institute’s 3D printers on this platform, thus enabling them to better access and utilize digital manufacturing. Furthermore, several advantages for them are listed as follows:

  • Students can remotely monitor the 3D printing process from the initial phase to the final stage. This allows for schools to broaden the scope of engagement as labor and space resources become negligible, allowing for more students and teachers to get involved.
  • The efficiency of education can be improved with better traceability along with better production planning that will help the students in meeting the deadlines of their projects.
  • 3D printed parts are used for testing and research purposes where quality is an essential element. Cloud 3D Print and its project management system will help the students with the assurance of better-quality products as supervision is seamless and intuitive.
  • During 3D printing, human errors are involved throughout the process. So, a 3D printing management system will allow students to reduce these human errors by covering the workflow of the entire 3D printing process.

Numerous benefits of 3D Printing in the educational sector led to the development of a separate management system. Among the benefits, several are listed below:

  • It creates excitement for students: Students may experience their projects from the model stage to the actual construction of the model via 3D printing. As they acquire hands-on experience with the design process from idea to creation, this fosters both enthusiasm and a greater grasp of 3D printing.
  • A source of knowledge for unavailable resources: It is a fun, cutting-edge technology for learners to master because most 3D printers are pre-assembled and plug-and-play. Students learn that failing on the first try and trying again to improve is entirely fine. Students become less frightened to try and implement new and diverse ideas in life once they grasp that failure is a part of the process.
  • Problem-solving skills are enhanced: Students may use the 3D printer to engage in a range of learning activities. They must understand how to run and troubleshoot various 3D printers, as well as how to diagnose and fix difficulties. Many pupils may not have the opportunity to participate in this art form as part of their regular studies. Students’ creativity and talents may be nourished, which can lead to a desire for unique thinking and innovation that can subsequently be deployed in the workplace. 3D printing encourages students’ success while simultaneously preparing them for college. They get the confidence to take on tough courses, such as those in the STEM sectors.

What benefits can Cloud 3D Print’s Project Management System offers to the education sector?

Cloud 3D Print will assist students in efficiently managing their 3D printing projects, regardless of their application. The students can sit back and relax knowing that all parts of their projects are under control by the project management software of Cloud 3D Print. Its benefits are listed as follows:

Process Streamlining and Productivity

Reduce the amount of time that students spend arranging production by planning tasks. The technology uses AI and can alert the students to any potential disruptions or print failures.

Saving Costs on Student Projects

It will save project costs on logistics and inventory accumulation for the student’s project. It also contains a mechanism for predicting maintenance needs.

Task Management

Create and design jobs for certain 3D printers, considering the size, material, availability, and priority of the projects. It will maintain coherence and efficiency during tasks and share project files with team members. The students can accurately subdivide the project into smaller work packages that will allow them to identify key milestones.


The system organizes production by the delivery date and can inform students of the next piece to be printed as well as the material it will be printed on. This feature will help them to deliver the 3D printing effectively.

Cloud 3D Print: Project Management and Industry 4.0 Relationship

Summary Report Generation

To enable work breakdown analysis and required modifications, a full print report with metrics like time and material consumed is created alongside a downloadable time-lapse film.

Access it Anywhere

The students can easily track and manage their 3D printing project that is placed in the queue from anywhere.

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