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Cloud 3D Print: Project Management and Industry 4.0 Relationship

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To effectively complete a project in terms of quality, time, and cost constraints, Cloud 3D Print organizes and manages resources by users’ expectations. Cloud 3D Print offers assistance with larger and more complex printing projects through simulation and artificial intelligence techniques, combined with advanced computer use. As defined by the Project Management bodies, a project is a temporary effort to create a unique service, product, or outcome. Similarly, the Project Management tool of Cloud 3D Print also operates to manage the 3D Printing activities of the users.

Project Management: Cloud 3D Print

Cloud 3D Print can integrate production, material, quality, process, and maintenance data in a single platform. The data is manipulated via Cloud 3D Print as it manages in a single database. While carrying out activities of 3D printing, resources from a variety of skill areas must be drawn together towards a common goal. The targets are created based on performance criteria, schedules, and budgets. The use of Project Management in Cloud 3D Print is considered essential because:

  • While carrying out manufacturing for an assembly, a user designs a lot of parts of the assembly which is difficult to organize manually. Therefore, an efficient solution is required to organize the parts so that 3D printing is performed efficiently.
  • Not many users own a 3D printer, so scheduling activities for the 3D printer becomes difficult when a lot of users want to print on a common printer. The human factor involved in the initiation and planning process needs to be restructured for monitoring and control of 3D printing projects.
  • For SME’s of 3D printing, a significant number of parts are 3D printed that need to meet the customer’s requirements and deadlines. The status of each 3D printing project is needed to be tracked which is a difficult task to manage. It is only possible with a project management platform that can show the progress of each 3D printing activity.
  • 3D printing involves initiation, planning, implementation, control and monitoring of the project, including the closure processes which is the normal project management approach. This is why a project management system is essential.
  • Sometimes, a user may require a history of 3D printing projects to analyze and make further improvements, as different 3D printers perform printing activities differently.
  • The users need to collaborate on the same 3D printing project that requires digital communication technology. Thus, the involvement of more intelligent systems is required in such manufacturing processes.

The Approach of Cloud 3D Print: Project Management within the Scope of Industry 4.0

Following the Industry 4.0 approach, Cloud 3D Print is dedicated to regional and global virtual value chains, and all the 3D printing activities and processes are supported by its well-designed technologies and systems. In Cloud 3D Print, the actions of the 3D Printing activities are defined, controlled, and timed in coordination with project planning that includes all the activities up to the termination of the project.

The Cloud-based 3D printing project management system allows the users to multitask on their 3D printing projects efficiently. The status of a significant number of 3D printers, 3D models, and G-code can be tracked, which helps the users to boost their production capabilities.

Guide for using Project Management on Cloud 3D Print

  • Click on “Project” in the Dashboard of Cloud 3D Print.
  • A new window will appear where the user can upload and manage their 3D models.

  • For uploading a new project, the user can click on the “ + “ button in the projects list. A new window will appear where the user can add details of the “New Project”.

  • For editing the current project, the user can click on the horizontal ellipsis at the side of each project. A new window will appear on the left-hand side of the platform. The user can alter the details of the project accordingly.

  • By clicking on the desired project, a set of 3D models will appear under the “Model” list. Users can easily slice any model from the list instantly.

  • Similarly, the user can switch to the “G-code” list. The user can create, edit and manage the G-code list of 3D models.

  • The user can easily print any model from the list by clicking on “Print” on the right-hand. A new window will appear where the user can select the desired RPi Device and 3D printer for the printing job.

For 3D printing businesses, the selection of the production line and quality control method matters the most. A decentralized decision-making approach like Cloud 3D Print: Project Management, fills the gap between the interaction of team members and managers that leads to the successful completion of the project.

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