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Mech Solution’s Eager to Open New horizons in Additive Manufacturing by Participating in ‘3D In Action’ Conference

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Since 2017, 3D in Action (hosted by Mohawk College’s Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre) has aided manufacturers and additive specialists in collaborating to advance 3D printing in different industries. The introduction of additive manufacturing has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way products are planned and manufactured. As a result, 3DiA seeks to assist the Ontario community in comprehending and adopting this transformation. Following a rigorous selection phase, Mech Solutions was invited to take speak about their AI developments and how it is shaping the future of additive manufacturing.

Mech Solutions is dedicated to providing 3D printing solutions and is currently focusing on developing a cloud-based AI-powered 3D printing project management platform. Starting operations in 2017 as a 3D Printing e-Commerce company, Mech Solutions has observed exponential growth since. For several years, the R&D team of Mech Solutions has worked to bring innovative solutions to the process of 3D printing. Mech Solutions experts are continuously involved in such novel solutions to remove the barriers in the 3D printing process.

The experts at Mech Solutions emphasized that the deployment of an Intelligent System is essential in 3D printing since managing multiple 3D printers simultaneously is a laborious process. As a result, Mech Solutions developed a deep learning engine to identify failure and conduct 3D printing quality assurance. This intelligent platform has helped the community to analyze, manage and automate their 3D printing processes. The trained AI model has been successfully deployed to the Mech Solution’s cloud platform and serves a wide variety of educational institutes and 3D printer farms all over the world.

Cloud 3D Print is an all-in-one 3D printing platform that consists of four systems- PLM, MES, ERP & CRM – and is considered the most useful IT solution for enterprises, businesses, and educational institutes in the industry. The users can simply access Cloud 3D Print through the web browser either on a desktop or a mobile device. In the near future, Mech Solutions is also focusing on developing iOS and Android apps to make 3D printing even more accessible.

The high failure rate in FDM printers prompted the experts of Mech Solutions to also build an AI Defect Monitoring System. Upon deep analysis of the root causes of the failures, a solution was proposed by the experts that helped the users terminate failed 3D prints in an automated way. This helps the users reduce filament waste and carry out their 3D printing process with reduced cost and high reliability.

The speakers at the conference called for the additive manufacturing industry to develop more advanced intelligent algorithms so that they can contribute more to automating the process of 3D printing, as this is a key aspect of industry 4.0. While working on the same mission, the CEO of Mech Solutions also highlighted their own model of detecting defects and how it has reduced the need for intensive human involvement.

A copy of the panel is available to watch here:

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