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Benefit of Cloud 3D Print to Community

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Cloud 3D Print was developed with a very clear objective in mind: To make 3D printing accessible for the community and facilitate its various processes through an intuitive project management platform. The main reason for setting such an objective was to realize the various benefits that 3D printing would bring for society. In this article, we take a look at some of the benefits that can be yielded after 3D printing becomes facilitated and widespread because of Cloud 3D Print.

Accessible 3D Printing via Cloud 3D Print

Role in disaster relief

The role of 3D printing in disaster relief is yet to be fully appreciated. As a result of natural disasters, we often see a loss of infrastructure. The repair or relief work can be accelerated in these cases because Cloud 3D Print can enable 3D printing of spare parts on the go. Because of cloud storage, CAD files and sliced files can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This can be a major source of time-saving in locations where natural disasters have wreaked havoc and spare parts are not available for rehabilitation work. In the past, individuals have relied on 3D printing to produce water pipe fittings and washers in disaster-stricken areas.

Constructing affordable housing

3D printing has immense potential. Attempts have been made to construct low-budget houses for developing areas using 3D printers. Recently, a $4000 3D printed house made headlines. Producing low-cost and affordable housing can be a major benefit of 3D printing is facilitated and becomes accessible to all. Small businesses and start-ups aimed at providing affordable housing can benefit immensely from the project management platform provided in Cloud 3D Print.

Cloud 3D Print and housing market

Affordable prosthetics for the community

Ever since 3D printing technology became popular, there have been many projects aimed at producing low-cost prosthetics for children and people in developing countries. If small businesses and start-ups are powered by Cloud 3D Print, the efforts to produce sustainable and affordable prosthetics will have a major boost.

Why is Cloud 3D Print Innovative

Improved and affordable healthcare

The mainstreaming of Cloud 3D Print will bring a major boost in the provision of improved and affordable healthcare. The potential of 3D printing is not being truly realized in the medical field because health care professionals are generally not fond of using 3D printing technology. Some healthcare professionals including dentists and doctors do source 3D printed medical equipment sometimes. But if they are given access to Cloud 3D Print and given basic know-how of 3D printing, they can start to produce critical 3D printed parts in their own hospitals and clinics.

The biggest hindrance for non-professionals is that they consider themselves incapable of starting 3D printing. They think that it’s something that only specialists can undertake. In reality, 3D printing is no rocket science and everybody can start 3D printing to meet professional requirements or just as a hobby. They just need proper management software at their disposal that can streamline the workflow and make the process highly intuitive and straightforward.

Cloud 3D Print and Healthcare System

3D bio-printed organs

The idea of 3D-printed organs replacing major human organs like the liver and kidney is still very far-fetched. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no possibilities in this regard. In fact, there have already been promising results as far as bio-printed organs are concerned and the potential for saving human lives has already been demonstrated. For example, a patient named Kaiba Gionfriddo has already received a 3D printed trachea to cure a condition in which the trachea of babies collapses.

Bone grafts and implantable heart valves are also examples in which 3D printed parts can be of use in human bodies. There is an indication that in the near future 3D printing might be able to produce skin grafts, cartilage implants, and heart tissue. These developments can be fast-tracked if researchers are equipped with efficient 3D printing software that simplifies 3D printing and allows them to print parts on the go.

Stem education

3D printing is really helping kids to further their interest in stem education. The main reason is that 3D printing helps children to have a hand on experience by producing physical objects in real-time. As 3D printers are entering the classroom, more children are becoming familiar with 3D printing, CAD, product design, and programming. If young children are introduced to intuitive software like Cloud 3D Print, they can start experimenting and learning from a very young age.

Through Cloud 3D Print, young kids can initiate 3D printing any part and witness its live printing on their devices. This can be a major source towards developing their interest at an early age and making them future innovators.

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