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3D Printing Technology Aiding COVID-19 Relief!

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Like many businesses in Canada, due to COVID-19, Mech Solutions faced business restrictions such as store closures. Despite these restrictions, the Mech Solutions team wanted to play their part in helping to fight COVID-19 and make local communities safer for all. To jumpstart their mission, Mech Solutions teamed up with local 3D printing enthusiasts who shared a similar interest in helping the communities and providing relief to essential workers through 3D printing! As a 3D printing retailer, Mech Solutions’ mission was to provide local enthusiasts with free 3D printers and filaments so they can 3D print personal protective equipment for front-line essential workers. This PPE included masks holders, face shield holders, and more!

Cloud 3D Print and Covid-19
Front line workers from the Windsor clinic sending their ‘Thank You’ for the PPE donations.

Mech Solutions: 3D Printing Personal Protective Equipment

Since March 2020, Mech Solutions has donated over 10+ 3D Printers and over 500+ rolls of 3D printing filaments to our partners to make medical-grade 3D printed PPE for the donation! This equipment has been donated to many clinics, hospitals, and COVID-testing centers across Ontario. Mech Solutions hopes through these donations, front-line workers are better protected against COVID-19!

Cloud 3D Print and Covid-19
Medical staff from the Windsor clinic posing with their donated 3D printed medical equipment.

3D Printing PPE

Once again, the Mech Solutions team wants to send our gratitude to the essential health care workers that have been working tirelessly helping us all throughout this pandemic. With their help, thousands of Ontarians have received care and recovered from COVID-related illnesses. You are the real-life superheroes of this pandemic!

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