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Cloud 3D Print in the Post-COVID Work Environment

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Cloud 3D Print – has helped businesses and enterprises in creating cost-efficient 3D models with faster speeds, enhanced quality, and high yield. The efficiency of 3D printing is enhanced when the user signs up for Cloud 3D print. Providing the accessibility of creating and connecting to multiple accounts, the user can work across teams easily. Having this capability means communication between the users is always on the go.

A prime focus of Cloud 3D print is empowering employees to collaborate at work. Employee engagement continues to increase over time, with studies showing that 80% of work teams want employees to feel more engaged in the workplace and 85% think those employee experiences improve productivity and engagement. While many are going back to the office, many industries remain forever changed, with remote work becoming increasingly prevalent. Rather than limit interaction through these new working standards, Cloud 3D Print allows employees, whether on-site or remote, to engage with their teams and enable productive collaboration. Our mission is to enable organizations of any size to create next-generation experiences for staff and customers. An organization’s digital future starts by designing a great experience for staff through seamless collaboration and meeting needs. We are committed to developing easy ways for staff to seamlessly work remotely and learn how these solutions will impact their careers.

Cloud 3D Print

Next Steps

While working on the objective of global transformation in manufacturing, Cloud 3D Print aims to extend services outside Canada. It was observed that most users are from North America. Countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and other European nations have large communities of 3D printer enthusiasts and professionals, meaning it’s only natural to try and capture the markets there. We are also working to extend services in Asia.

The company infers that the growth in business is mainly because of more clients and improved services that have helped reach a great number of users. According to the team, their users range from small start-ups to global enterprises. One of their objectives is the ongoing development of an organization portal that will optimize the experience for B2B users, such as for 3D printing classes of students, teams in charge of 3D printing in a company, or non-profit organizations. The goal of this being to further incentivize collaboration and participation in the industry.

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