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Cloud 3D Print: 3D Printing Like Never Before!

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3D printing is undeniably the hottest trend in manufacturing these days. Attracting major investments and achieving rapid technological developments, it carries an inherent charm that has helped it gain massive popularity across all markets in a very short period of time.

The scenario, however, is not as idealistic when you actually enter the additive manufacturing business. A majority of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts agree on the fact that handling these machines and the associated workflow can be pretty nerve-wracking at times.

When you own multiple 3D printers, each one with its own margin of error, working principle, material requirements, with scores of CAD models waiting to be touched and sliced, and numerous customers to be dealt with; the pressure you feel is real.

Cloud 3D Print: The Future of 3D Printing Project Management

Through first-hand experiences in the additive manufacturing industry, our team is well aware of the problems professionals have to face while handling projects. Keeping in mind their concerns and the type of work dynamic involved, we decided to brainstorm for a solution. And Voila! Cloud 3D Print was born.

Cloud 3D Print is an innovative 3D printing software that is designed for anyone who has to deal with multiple 3D printers on a regular basis. Be it an entrepreneur offering additive manufacturing services, an educator teaching about this technology, or an enthusiast who does it for the sake of learning, this software caters to all.

3D Printing Project Management

What Do We Offer?

This service is a unique combination of every aspect of 3D printing, which makes it the real game-changer. The intuitive platform provides an all-in-one solution for dealing with the technical side of 3D printing, project and logistics management of all the printers under your watch, and for collaborating with all individuals involved.

When fused with the modern wonder of the Internet of Things, and a touch of Artificial Intelligence, we have made it possible for customers to avail themselves its benefits from anywhere around the globe.

The main features Cloud 3D Print offers are summarized as follows.

  • 3D Printing Online Slicing: Slicing is something that has always been done using separate software. Our innovation incorporates the slicing feature in its management platform, complete with an easy-to-use 3D viewer and toolbar.
  • 3D Printing Monitor: Through AI-driven cameras installed near your 3D printers, you can individually monitor each machine from anywhere over the internet. This platform gives you complete control over your job’s progress and assists you in the process through regular notifications.
  • 3D Printing Project Management: Our service allows you to optimize task management for each individual project. Customers can enjoy the facility to prioritize projects based on profitability and deadlines, generate documents like invoices and quotations, and communicate with teammates and clients, all in one place.
  • 3D Printer Online Storage: Cloud 3D Print users never need to worry about storage space. Our online cloud storage is enough for your 3D models, G-codes, documentation, statistics, and whatever you need in order to run your projects smoothly.
  • 3D Printer Report: Our service enables users to generate reports that are vital for improvement. Users can analyze their printer’s performance, identify trends in filament consumption and spending, and plan ahead using this information.

Cloud 3D Print Main Features

How is it done?

Cloud 3D Printing has developed one of the most utilitarian software to assist 3D printing people. Our customers have an option when it comes to using it. You can either opt to buy our custom control panel, which we like to call C3P or install the whole system into your personal Raspberry Pi.

Our business offers a range of subscription plans. You can choose yours depending on your 3D printing needs and workflow. Access our plans here, and revolutionize your 3D printing business!

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