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Amazing things that you can 3D print

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So you’ve recently gained interest in 3D printing and want to know what you can achieve with this amazing manufacturing technique. The good news is that there is no limit to the number of objects you can 3d print using Cloud 3D Print. However, it’s always good to have great ideas in your mind that you can instantly materialize. This article will take you through a list of products that you can create using Cloud 3D Print. The objects include products of everyday use, functional parts, and decorative items.

Cloud 3D Print Platform

Screwdriver holder

Everyone uses essential tools like screwdrivers. Chances are that you have a few of them already. The thing with such tools is that you can easily lose them especially if you keep them unorganized. You might not find a screwdriver when you need it the most. To keep your screwdrivers organized, you can print a holder for the pegboard. Click here to get the file.

Bottle opener

Everyone likes soda. So it’s always handy to have a bottle opener with you. Especially during parties and gatherings, a bottle opener can be a lifesaver. A bottle opener can be easily printed. You can print bottle openers for different sizes. Alternatively, you can print a universal bottle opener. Here’s the file.

Turbine water saver

This is a great resource for water saving. Printing a turbine water saver is one of the most useful projects that you can print for your home. Not only will you be able to save water bills but you will enjoy a smoother and wider water dispensation.

Spare keys

What’s more frustrating than losing your keys? No one likes to get stuck outside their own house because of a locked door. Even more frustrating is losing your automobile’s keys when you are in a hurry. With Cloud 3D Print, you can always create spare keys for your home and automobiles. Check out the file here.

Water container

Whether you want to use it for yourself or gift it to someone, a 3D printed water container is a highly functional item. You can create any design you want and customize it according to your taste. Here’s the link to help you out.

Wheelchair ramp

A wheelchair ramp is absolutely critical for people with disabilities. You might have seen a lot of places where there’s a dire need for a wheelchair ramp and it’s not there. Luckily, you can print a wheelchair ramp of any size and place it in a shopping area, a restaurant, or your university.


3D printing allows you to print your own cutlery as well. Spoons, knives, and forks can be printed in no time. You can have a look at some great ideas here.

Swiss army knife

For adventure lovers, a Swiss army knife is an essential tool. If you are fond of hiking and camping, then the Swiss army knife is a must-have tool on your list. Here’s the link for the file.


When it comes to utility, a wrench is one of the greatest tools you can 3D print. Not only it is easy to create, but you can also print a wrench of any size. You can print a complete collection of different sizes as well. Here’s the link for you to start printing.


As mentioned above, you can 3d print a screwdriver holder. But did you know that you can print a screwdriver itself? In fact, you can print an entire collection comprising different sizes.


3D printed pliers are among the 3d printed tools that are easy to print and have become very popular. There are different types of pliers that you can print. These include blunt nose with smooth jaws, needle nose with no teeth, and blunt nose with jaw teeth.


Scissors are used everywhere. Printing scissors takes no time and you can print one for yourself immediately. Like other tools, you can print any size based on your requirements.

different 3D prints


3D printing can be a great toy creator for kids. Why should you spend money on the toy store when you can print it yourself? In fact, now there’s an app by the name of ‘ThingMakerDesign’. The app is a great resource for kids to design their own custom toys. The app has built-in tutorials and templates for beginners to get started. Not only you can print completely new toys, but you can also replace missing or broken parts from existing toys as well.


If you have a mind that inclines towards art then 3D printing will allow you to print tableware of all kinds. From dinnerware to plates and from cups to glasses, you can print any design that comes to your mind.

Desktop organizer

If are a workaholic, your desktop can become super messy at times. Pens, paper, sticky notes, and other office supplies can spread all across and clutter your work experience. You can simply print a desktop organizer. Even a small model can help you across all items that can be scattered on the office table and create a mess. Organizing your office supplies can provide you with clarity of mind and boost your work efficiency.


3D printed cardholders are yet another item in the list of useful products. Like a desktop organizer, you can print any design you like. You can get a lot of design ideas online as well.

Phone cases

If you love new phone cases and like to buy one from time to time, then stop wasting your money on expensive cases and start printing your own. It will be cheaper and faster. Phone cases are among the most popular and the easiest items to print. So you can even add a personal touch to your phone cases by engraving specific texts on the cases and obviously, you can print in whatever colours you like. Phone cases can also serve as a great present for your friends and family.

Medical models

This is an area where 3D printing has really made an impact. Models of body parts are one of the greatest sources of learning in medical schools. They are extensively used in assessments and examinations as well. While before medical schools had to rent cadavers or buy human body models, now they can print any part they like, and with great accuracy. Printing good quality models might give you a good business opportunity by allowing you to rent or sell models to medical schools.


Who knew a few years ago that we’d be able to start making our shoes in our own homes. 3D printing has given us this opportunity as well. You can print very specific designs that suit your needs. Print in whatever size and colour scheme you like.

Costumes and dresses

Besides shoes, you can print 3D printing costumes as well. This might be a bit complex but it’s worth a try. People are already printing 3D printing costumes. It allows them to produce customized designs that are a perfect size fit for the costume wearer. This can be a great source for fashion designers to explore more possibilities.

Cameras lens

Although it’s a bit technical, 3d printing your own camera lens is totally doable. You can use acrylic for this purpose. Besides a camera lens, you can also print a camera slider.

Water diverter

The water diverter is another useful item that you can 3d print conveniently. You can print this water diverter. It can fit an aerator with a diameter of 23.5 mm. There is protection against choking because of an annular manifold. The manifold also causes a steady flow of water.

Paper clips/bookmarks

You can print bookmarks and paper clips that are totally customizable. You can use the printed items as giveaways in an upcoming event or party.

Measuring spoons

If you are a kitchen enthusiast then 3D printing measuring spoons can be a really useful project for you. You can print as many as you want and never lose track of how many spices you’re putting in the recipe you’re trying out.

things you can 3d print using Cloud 3D Print

Slider bag clips

Sliding bag clips are super handy when you want to re-seal opened bags of cereal, frozen vegetables, or your favourite chips. Being able to seal opened bags allows you to save the content from moisture exposure. This way, you can preserve things a lot longer. Click here to access the file.

Egg separator

Another handy item for the kitchen is an egg separator. It allows you to separate the egg yolk from egg white in no time. You can the file here.


Prosthetics are a life-saver for people with disabilities. 3d printing has done wonders in this area and allowed users to print custom prosthetics of all shapes and sizes. You can print prosthetics that are very user-specific. Here’s a file for an example.

Toilet paper holder

Here’s the link to a file through which you can print a very artistic toilet paper holder. This is a great way to keep your toilet paper stock in reach. Not only this item is highly functional, but it can also be a great design feature in your restroom.

Cable holder

Cables can often get entangled and that can really be super inconvenient. A cable holder can help to locate and organize your USB, headphone, charger, and power cables in place. Check out this design and keep your workstation clear from all mess.

MicroSD card case

It would be difficult to keep track of the number of SD cards we’ve lost. These small things are in front of you in a moment and the next second they disappear nowhere. SD card cases can offer a really convenient way for you to keep your cards organized. This case allows you to store up to 25 cards at a time. It is a simple design and the cards are accessible all the time.

Rigid loom

For people who leave to weave fabrics, 3d printing can be a great tool to print a rigid heddle loom. You can print a loom with raw plastic. A screw can then be used to keep the assembly in place.

3D printed records

This is one of the coolest things you can do. If you make 3D printed records, you can convert your audio files to listen to your records.


Another interesting thing that you can do with 3D printing is printing stamps. There are many options to customize the design.

Survival whistle

This is another item that camping lovers can add to their wish list. A survival whistle is a very important tool for emergency situations. You don’t have to worry about the sound levels. A 3D printed survival whistle is equally loud as a normal whistle.

Salt and Pepper Jars

3d printing allows you to print salt and pepper shakers in any design you like. Why should you settle for those that are available on the grocery store’ shelf when you can print artistic and high-quality salt and pepper shakers at your home?

Wall outlet shelf

This is one of the most useful items that you can 3D print. It’s so frustrating when you have to charge your phone and the socket is away from a table, so you have to put your phone on the floor! You can easily avoid this situation by printing a wall outlet shelf that allows you to keep on gadgets in a safe place that is near the socket.

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