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Creality’s CR-6 SE 3D printer!

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The CR-6 SE is one of Creality’s most affordable and highly acclaimed 3D printers in its product line! In this week’s post, we will be discussing this printer’s key innovative features and perks that differentiate this model from other 3D printers in the market!

Key Features of the CR-6 SE 3D printer:

Innovative Automatic Leveling:

The CR-6 SE is equipped with a free innovative levelling-free device that comes with a smart pressure sensor that automatically levels 3D models for accurate and precise 3D printing. Automatic levelling allows for a hassle-free 3D printing experience and greatly improves print quality due to fewer 3D printing errors.

Modularized Nozzle:

The CR-6 SE’s modularized nozzle encourages ease in nozzle maintenance and tinkering, which allows users to replace and substitute components with ease. The feature also allows the printer to print very precisely and thus, minimizes 3D printing errors. In addition, the printer’s heat sink, heat block, PTFE tube and hot end are all deconstructable for easy removal and setup.

Cloud 3D Print and Creality's CR-6 SE Printer

Resume Printing Feature:

The CR-6 SE’s hot end has a resume print feature that automatically resumes printing after the printer loses power or filament breakage occurs. For example, if the filament breaks or runs out, the smart sensor relays the machine to suspend printing. Once the new filament is fed in, the printer then automatically resumes printing!

Silent MotherBoard with Trinamic Driver:

The CR-6 SE’s upgraded dynamic driver 2208 helps ensure the printer prints seamlessly with good voltage control, fast movement and silent printing features. The motherboard also has a stable structure and compression resistance features which results in high-quality 3D prints.

Dual cooling fans:

The CR-6 SE also has a powerful set of cooling fans that continuously cools the extruded filament to deliver high-quality prints.

Carborundum Glass Print Bed:

The CR-6 SE’s carborundum glass print bed allows better adhesion and easier removal of printed objects. The carborundum glass material also enables the hotbed to maintain temperature uniformity which allows for ultra-smooth prints even on its first layers.

Meanwell 24V/350W Power Supply:

The CR-6 SE is equipped with a MeanWell power supply that allows the printer to have fast heating and achieve high-quality longtime printing results. The power supply is also concealed in the machine, making it much safer and neater.

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