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Canada’s Tech Network Soft Landing: Scale From Home Program!

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Canada’s Tech Network’s Soft-Landing Scale From Home Program offers qualified, established Canadian start-ups business opportunities by offering up to $4,000 CAD in investment for their reimbursable business expenses to help generate more business and sales. Cloud 3D Print is excited to announce that this year, our company has been selected to be part of the Scale From Home Program! Through this venture, Cloud 3D Print is aiming to enhance our marketing initiatives and our business investment strategy to raise more awareness of Cloud 3D Print.

Cloud 3D Print:

The Cloud 3D Print platform is a combination of innovative hardware and software solutions. Using an IoT control panel, users can connect multiple 3D printers to the internet and control and monitor their 3D prints through our software platform. Cloud 3D Print is a collective of both software and hardware solutions completely revolutionizing the way to approach the process of 3D printing. It greatly simplifies and facilitates the way how users conduct their 3D printing operations. It is developedCanadabut holds the potential to become the world’s most advanced and powerful cloud-based 3D printing management platform. The key innovative features that the Cloud 3D Print platform offers are as follows:

1. Slicing: Through this feature, users can slice their models online through their browser without having to download any software to their computer. Cloud 3D print has over 150 printer pre-sets in the online slicer. Furthermore, users can easily customize the printer setting if their printers are not on the list.

2. Project Management: Our company knows exactly how difficult it can become for users to manage multiple printers, clients, and orders. Thankfully, with Cloud 3D Print, users can effectively organize the whole process, prioritize, and fast-track selective projects and entertain specific clients at desired times. Users can also predetermine the time and material required for each project and generate complete business documentation for dealing with clients.

3. Online Storage: With this feature, users never have to worry about not being able to access files stored in different and remote locations. Whether it is a 3D model file, word document, pictures or videos, everything can be stored effectively in our Cloud domain. This can allow users to access everything they need for 3D printing projects anytime and anywhere across the world!

4. Control: Users can remotely control connected printers’ X-axis movement, Y-axis movement, and nozzle temperature.

5. Monitor: Users can remotely monitor print job progress, take screenshots and record time-lapse video of the print job.

Cloud 3D Print
Cloud 3D Print: Scale From Home Program

Through the Scale From Home Program, Cloud 3D Print will aim to create three informational videos that will emphasize educating our existing and potential consumers on the software and our features through animated demonstrations. All videos will be distributed across our social media platforms including TikTokInstagramFacebook, and YouTube to attract potential users and maximize our reach.

The first video will be a SaaS software tutorial video that will walk through the Cloud 3D Print’s software starting from the login page. It will demonstrate how a typical user would use Cloud 3D Print to enhance their 3D printing workflow.

The second video will be an advertisement and will display all features of Cloud 3D Print to attract both experienced 3D printing users and 3D printing beginners.

The third video will provide an in-depth review of the Cloud 3D Print online slicing engine to give viewers insights into the convenience and accessibility of the slicing function.

The activities described above will help increase awareness of the soon-launching software. For this purpose, the creation of the animated videos through this funding will have a direct impact on marketing Cloud 3D Print to the consumer. The videos will be promoted on the company’s social media channels and will be used to showcase and highlight the product at virtual trade shows and any other promotional activities conducted by the company.

Stay tuned for the launch of Cloud 3D print! Visit Cloud 3D print to learn more.

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