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Mech Solutions Receives Accreditation of Educational Experience

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3D printing is a new avenue in K–12 education that has drawn a lot of interest from academics and researchers. However, there are presently few K–12 curricula that effectively integrate 3D printing. For students’ academic experiences and future profession prospects, the use of 3D printing in classrooms can have a positive impact, specifically in STEM fields. Mech Solution believes in this positive impact and is dedicated to integrating 3D printing in education spaces for the benefits of both students and educators.

Since is North America’s longest continually operating, privately-owned STEM education research and certification organization, it only made sense for us to reach out and seek accreditation. is a shining example of the best in educational practices, and it supports thousands of educators throughout the globe. Believing in the greater engagement of students in hands-on learning and experiential learning, Mech Solutions approached the founders of at the Detroit TCT + Rapid 2022 tradeshow.

To make Cloud 3D Print officially functional for more than ten thousand STEM-focused schools in more than 80 countries, Mech Solutions went through a series of interviews with the founders. The founders of were inspired by the STEM-integrated practices of Mech Solutions and successfully certified Mech Solutions with educational experience accreditation. Mech Solutions considers this accreditation as a great opportunity for laying an important foundation for further research and development of Cloud 3D Print for the educational sector.


Founded in 2001, Educational Research™ (SER) is the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Through an extensive collaborative effort, SER has worked closely with researchers, an international coalition of educators, administrators, NGO’s, companies and schools to establish a set of broadly representative STEM benchmarks. The resources and proven best-practices of this initiative have led to the world’s original and most recognized, blockchain-secured and fully decentralized STEM credentialing framework: Accredited™ for programs, Certified™ for people, Reviewed™ for publishers, and Authenticated™ for products.

What Benefits Can Cloud 3D Print Provide in STEM Education?

Even if a teacher finds the integration of 3D printing to be beneficial for students, there are a number of obstacles that might prevent them from doing so effectively. With Cloud 3D Print, Mech Solutions provides schools with a streamlined and flexible 3D printing workspace. This includes a number of 3D printing services, software, and hardware solutions. It includes course-oriented services that bring hassle-free classrooms for students who are not only STEM interested, but those who are also new or apprehensive of STEM learning. Moreover, the classroom-ready platform provided by Mech Solutions helps in effortlessly managing a 3D printing lab, with features like cloud-based 3D printing course management, online slicing, remote control, and AI-integrated failure detection. With its extensive tutorials and step-by-step instructions built into the software interface environment, Cloud 3D Print makes it simple for students and educators with little to no experience using 3D printers.


The Education Solutions of Cloud 3D Print

With AI-integrated cameras positioned around the print bed, Cloud 3D Print keeps a watchful eye on 3D printers. Cloud 3D Print’s powerful calculating engine is built to detect common printing problems like spaghetti failures and is supported by a strong deep learning algorithm. A cutting-edge, cloud-based, print failure detection service, called AEye, keeps track of the printing procedure in real-time, alerting users over a secure network when a failure occurs. It also provides a visual representation. Moreover, the cloud slicing service of Cloud 3D Print includes an AI Printability Check, which assesses 3D models for printing feasibility, raising the overall success rate of the print job. This helps to lessen the material costs, as well as reduce downtime spent repairing damages or cleaning printers after failure.

Cloud 3D Print also provides educators with increased flexibility. Controlling and monitoring 3D printers can be difficult and time consuming. There are also concerns for safety and protocol that vary across education sectors, as well as general space limitations when integrating labs into schools. With Cloud 3D Print, educators can enable students to remotely control & monitor their print jobs away from the printers or designated lab. Similarly, with the prevalence of chrome books and personal computers in education, Cloud 3D Print’s cloud based network allows for access via the web, meaning 3D printing labs can be made mobile, helping adapt to the needs of existing education logistics and an increasingly “remote” world.

Future of STEM

Designing and producing 3D objects requires knowledge of science, engineering, technology, and math. 3D Printing is a powerful resource for integrating STEM education; an ambitious but difficult objective in today’s K–12 schoolings. Mech Solutions understands this need in education, and through Cloud 3D Print, both students and educators are empowered to achieve this goal. A big thank you to for accreditation, and for a shared passion in our love of all things STEM.

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