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Mech Solutions is selected as Machine Learning Exploration Program operated by AMII

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Mech Solutions is developing a Cloud based 3D printing management system empowered by Machine learning. We use machine learning to detect failures in the 3D printing process. It uses the camera to capture the failures. If there are failures, it will draw a red frame in the error area and report the user through emails and notifications. It can also automatically pause or stop 3D printing. After more than two years of development, we have collected thousands of datasets and compared with many algorithms. At present, we are using a powerful modules with high accuracy, fast response and very low false positive rate. It can be said that no one in the world can be more accurate than ours.

The Machine Learning Exploration program is intended for startups like Mech Solutions that are interested in learning more about machine learning (ML) and how it can directly impact their business and drive business value for them. This program is dedicated to helping startups explore the following areas:

  • What ML is
  • What ML is not
  • Principles of Responsible AI
  • Business use cases of ML within Startups
  • Brainstorming business problems & opportunity areas
  • Evaluating business opportunities
  • Turning business opportunities into ML questions
  • Evaluating ML questions
  • Mapping out ML questions
  • Tools and Techniques for Data and Machine Learning

Generally, it helps company to progress along the machine learning adoption spectrum.


Startups will leave the Machine Learning Exploration program with

  • A list of 2-5 ML questions/problems for them to consider pursuing in the near future
  • Those ideas mapped out using an Amii Opportunity Map
  • An idea of what they need to do to get their data ready to start building the proof of concept for each question/problem
  • A clear idea of what their next steps should be and how Amii can support them in their ML Development

The company like Mech Solutions are expected to:

  • Adhere to the Amii Code of Conduct
  • Actively engage in program products and services
    • The Machine Learning Exploration program is organized in a hybrid format with synchronous workshop and self-directed work time, and in order to achieve the program outcomes, the participants need to attend the presentations and complete the work as assigned
  • Complete end-of-term surveys for the program

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