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Mech Solutions Empowering Metaverse Competition 2023 with Cloud Solutions

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Mech Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is one of the key partners at the Metaverse Competition 2023, providing cloud solutions to applicants. The competition is held in Guangzhou City, China. Mech Solutions aims to integrate training, work, business innovation, cloud platform, and collaboration between industry, academia, and research, using competition as the main focus. We will implement a closed-loop plan to achieve our goals.

Mech Solutions Empowering Metaverse Competition 2022 with Cloud Solutions


Regarding “The 1st China Metaverse Digital Art Creation Competition 2022,” Mech Solutions will offer training and education to enhance participants’ creative skills and practical applications of technology. These efforts will add more value, expressiveness, and persuasiveness to their competition works in the field of digital design and physical manufacturing, and further promote the development of the discipline of digital design and additive manufacturing.

Mech Solutions Empowering Metaverse Competition 2022 with Cloud Solutions

The first Metaverse Concert & Digital Art Festival

The first Metaverse Concert and Digital Art Festival have kicked off in Guangzhou, Southern China, from March 30 to April 30, showcasing Scientific and Technological Achievements.

The Bay Area Metaverse Digital Art Festival is an innovative way to explore cultural development in the metaverse. It is the world’s first metaverse art festival that integrates online and offline experiences in real-time. It is also the first city-based festival that empowers the city with metaverse technology. The Metaverse Art Festival is a collaboration between the government, universities, associations, enterprises, and business circles.

Utilizing metaverse digital technology and cultural creativity, the Bay Area Metaverse Digital Art Festival offers a variety of exciting activities across multiple dimensions. There are three main sections: Cosmos Concert, Tianhe Metaverse, and the Art Festival. In addition, the Bay Area Metaverse Digital Art and Design Excellence Works will be showcased on hundred screens, which will light up Tianhe Metaverse Digital Art City Carnival.

The art festival also includes extended activities such as the Metaverse + Industry forum, Metaverse Innovation Workshop, Metaverse Excellent Digital Project Roadshow, 48-hour extreme game creation Festival, etc. These events link online and offline, attract the participation of everyone, and offer multiple interactive experiences. The festival takes place in Guangzhou city, creating a multi-city digital cultural scene, showcasing the beauty of digital art, and offering an audio-visual feast of digital art and technology.

Mech Solutions aims to broaden its customer base by demonstrating its software solutions and selling them to different organizations. Additionally, we are taking orders for software integration, specifically API integration of our software. There will be a press conference on June 21st to announce the Meta-Universe project of the China Creative Conference. The policy of the Meta-Universe industry in Guangzhou (Tianhe District) will also be discussed. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be involved.

The Tianhe District Government is the main sponsor of the project. They have established a 20 billion yuan Meta-Universe speculation fund, with 8 funds that have been publicly announced and have joined 10 industrial parks. There are companies related to the Meta-Universe in Tianhe District.

This competition was initiated by various leading companies and funds. The competition tracks are digital data, pure art, and application cases. The competition targets colleges and universities, with a focus on successful cases of the Meta-Universe plus industry.

The award-winning works of the Meta-Universe and intelligent manufacturing will be produced using 3D printing and exhibited in shopping malls and art spaces in Tianhe District. They will also be displayed on advertising screens in Tianhe District.

The competition can communicate and promote with various universities, and later communication will be conducted in various schools. There is an opportunity for contestants’ works to be presented and demonstrated in 3D printing factories. At the same time, they can participate in the roadshows of incubation projects, find suitable display solutions, and find suitable funds.

They can also demonstrate shared 3D printing in the park, and use software to control different 3D printing equipment. The software is used as a participating unit and is settled in conjunction with the competition. Details will be updated later. The competition website platform, the Meta-Universe platform, will be docked with API after it is completed in September.

After the competition, we plan to establish a 3D printing laboratory with the school and offer official 3D printing services and training. We hope to integrate Design Entrepreneurship through software, integrate 3D printing manufacturers, and create a closed loop.

In terms of NFT, all aspects will be included in the NFT competition. It will be transformed into various industries, and the competition will be applied to the Meta-Universe industry.

We have reached out to two manufacturers, Bigtree and Eryone, for this competition. Our goal is to demonstrate the capabilities of Cloud 3D Print on-site at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. To simulate the ability to manage three factories at once, we will connect five printers of different brands.

Mech Solutions Empowering Metaverse Competition 2022 with Cloud Solutions

The Potential of the Metaverse Competition to Showcase Software and Empower Manufacturers

The Metaverse competition is a great way to showcase the potential of the software, attract investments, expand the customer base, and understand business models and demands. Through this cooperation, we aim to showcase the provision of a 3D printing supply chain and achieve digital transformation and industrial upgrading. As a result, companies in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau can provide solutions for demonstration and empower the solutions of manufacturers.

According to Mr. Li, this technology can be implemented on machines that meet supply conditions and form a cloud platform. From a market perspective, the Greater Bay Area, which includes diverse laboratories in the base such as additive and processing manufacturing, has the potential to expand the use of additive manufacturing technology. This could involve installing additional equipment in small factories, pushing software to more devices, and utilizing a cloud platform to create a large network. Offline business training could also be conducted, while online controls could be implemented to improve satisfaction in additive manufacturing and attract more hardware companies to make purchases.

The second sentence aims to provide schools with a framework to implement a software and hardware integration plan in higher education. It proposes a laboratory construction template that can be a foundation for organizing competitions to help students create projects. To foster competition, students can receive after-school training, collaborate with multiple companies for project completion, and receive support during the creation phase.

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