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Embrace Making: 3D Influencer Highlight + Cloud 3D Print Tutorial

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As the 3D printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing) industry continues to grow, so to does the community within. Sure, we’re all familiar with the big brands who supply us with our printers, filaments, and accessories, as well as the large influencers who often represent these brands, but what about the “little guy”; the enthusiast whose knowledge and expertise are just waiting to be utilized?


Well, look no further than Toronto’s very own, Chris Chimienti, of ‘Embrace Making’, a 3D Printing influencer pumping out high quality, informative and engaging content.


Want to know the basics like how to flash your firmware or level a bed? Yup, he’s got that.

Looking to upgrade your printer beyond recognition? Chris has definitely got a video for you.

Can’t seem to figure out how to solve your printer’s specific issue or bug? Whelp…I think you know where to look.


A proud mechanical engineer by profession, Chimienti started out like many in the industry.


“I am an engineer by trade and I immediately saw the value in additive manufacturing when I started 3D printing almost 8 years ago now”. Through his content, Chris’ engineering background shines.


Before getting involved with 3D Printing, Chimienti was an active DIY’er, with electronics and automobiles being a large focus. Over time, as his passion grew, he used his vast expertise and switched his focus over to 3D printing.


Chimienti’s background helped him to quickly adapt to this new industry and allowed him to begin creating content that highlights the value he saw 8 years ago. “CAD modeling and mechanical design is my passion, and I enjoy upgrading the printers. I like identifying their weaknesses and trying to address them to improve their performance”. More than a simple hobbyist, Chimienti is an educator in his field and is constantly looking to extract additional value through his upgrade tutorials and product reviews.

Embrace Making: Cloud 3D Print Tutorial


With the skillset and expertise Chimienti has, we were excited to hear his review of Cloud 3D Print.


As a Cloud-Based Project Management Platform, Cloud 3D Print is designed to provide users with ease of use and utility like no other. Included in this web-based software application are a host of features to enable effective and efficient 3D printing. When we asked Chimienti what drew his attention to Cloud 3D Print, he said, “I started with Cloud3DPrint because I was attracted to the remote access, AI detection, and project management. I need all the help I can get keeping my files organized”.


Designed for beginners and experts (like Chimienti) alike, Cloud 3D Print encourages users to stay on top of their printing projects, with advanced storage and project management features.


These features also assist in the enterprise level of additive manufacturing, allowing businesses and employees to tackle large-scale projects with a streamlined workflow that encourages collaboration.


Want to know more about Cloud 3D Print? Check out Chimienti’s review on his youtube channel, Embrace Making


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