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Cloud 3D Print 2.0 Is Almost Here: What To Expect

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The newest update for Cloud 3D Print – Version 2.0 – is just around the corner. Here’s what to expect:

Upgraded HRM and CRM Tools

Cloud 3D Print empowers hobbyists and business alike. Previously, users were able to coordinate groups and delegate members. Version 2.0 has incorporated additional organizational structures for greater control and an optimized project management system. This includes adding additional groups in the organizational hierarchy feature and improving on communication and actionable requests.

A revamped CRM system is also set to debut. Enterprise level tools will be integrated to allow for business owners and manufacturers to collect and check user data. Similarly, payments, refunding and financial account management will be introduced, with permissions based parameters for industry.

Quality of Life

As requested by our loyal userbase, slicing profiles will be added into Cloud 3D Print 2.0, allowing users to conveniently store their preset slicing settings for their desired material, printer and/or model.

Another common request we have implemented is the ability to delete or reset your Raspberry Pi. Users can now seamlessly swap between support Pi units, allowing for greater customization and increased user friendliness.

Video tutorials, user manuals and setup help are also getting an update. This will include greater detail on the Cloud 3D Print setup process, and provide insight on key features and functions to help streamline your 3D printing workflow.

Similarly, the Raspberry Pi control app will have the ability to be upgraded in Version 2.0. More details to come soon!

Cloud 3D Print

Cookies and Tracking

An updated Cookie policy will be implemented, helping to bolster cross-platform communication and functionality.

To better help understand our influencer and business partner outreach, a promotional link tracking system will be put in place.

Cloud 3D Print 2.0 is set to launch at the beginning of August, 2022. Stay tuned for un updated post with more details about the features and benefits of Cloud 3D Print 2.0.

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