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Mech Solutions CEO, Haoliang Zhou, Named As Finalist In The CanadianSME National Business Awards

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Haoliang Zhou, CEO of Mech Solutions was named as a finalist in the CanadianSME National Business Awards. The Canadian SME awarded meritorious entrepreneurs and small businesses across Canada to appreciate and celebrate the success of small businesses in Canada – as these businesses are considered the pillar of the Canadian economy.

Being announced as the finalist for the Technopreneur of the Year Award, Haoliang Zhou said, “It’s an honor to be named as a finalist for the Canadian SME National Business Awards in 2021. Despite what happened with the COVID-19 outbreak, Canada’s small companies have played an essential role in keeping our country functioning efficiently, and their value is now more critical than ever. SMEs will be important to the success of Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19. While the epidemic has exacerbated issues, it has also provided firms like Mech Solutions opportunities to show their resilience and innovate”.

The CanadianSME National Business Awards 2021 provide the ideal platform for individuals to flourish and stand out in the business sector. It is a platform where all of their dedication and commitment is addressed in front of the whole globe. Furthermore, it is the ideal time to put their outreach programs into action by recruiting more potential clients, workers, and partners. While the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges, it also had some positive outcomes. Innovation, digitization, and new market tactics have helped Canadian SMEs become more resilient. The awards are designed to recognize the creativity and tenacity of Canadian entrepreneurs, who are the backbone of the Canadian economy.

Mech Solutions offers all-in-one 3D printing solutions, including 3D printing retail, 3D printing service, design, and simulations. They now sell 3D printers and accessories across Canada via Amazon, BestBuy, Shopify, and our Mechstore. During the pandemic, company partners received more than ten 3D printers and over five hundred rolls of 3D printing filament to create medical-grade 3D printed PPE. Additionally, the goal of the Mech Solution during the pandemic was to give free 3D printing services and raw materials to local hobbyists so that they could 3D print Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line vital employees. The PPE served as a barrier between a healthy and an infected person.

We utilize our expertise and experience in the field of 3D printing to help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency. The company’s main products are used in education, architectural, landscape, manufacturing, medical and other fields.

The CanadianSME Awards honor the efforts of the country’s most successful small businesses. The finalists of this award are judged by a panel of experts. Moreover, the finalist are appreciated for their perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles in their field.

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