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Anticipated Challenges To Cloud 3D Print

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The Cloud 3D Print team at Mech Solutions has worked hard to eliminate the challenges and uncertainties that printing projects might face. To the credit of our team, most of those challenges have been resolved and we have developed one of the most innovative 3D printing software services to date. However, as with any other project, there are some challenges and risks that the printing project faces. In this article, we highlight a few technical challenges and efforts to resolve them.

Challenges to Cloud 3D Print

Approaches to reducing failure rates

With Cloud 3D Print, one of our main goals has been to reduce the failure rates among 3D prints. Among different approaches to reduce failure rates, some revolve around continuously monitoring the printing process through the use of cameras. These approaches, however, are complex, and time-consuming. The team at Cloud 3D Print continues to develop alternative cutting-edge solutions and game-changing failure detection features. These solutions are bound to cut failure rates by a significant margin.

Need for a management platform

When it comes to 3D printing, the lack of streamlining the entire process and executing it in a haphazard manner is one of the main reasons for high failure rates on projects. This calls for the development of a complete management platform for 3D printing. One that can manage the workflow efficiently and allow individuals to effectively manage their 3D printing operations.

Cloud 3D Print reduces failure rates

Lack of standardization among 3D prints

Because 3D printing technology is still in its inception stage, there is still a lack of standards that all 3D printer manufacturers must adopt. This creates problems when there is no standardization in serial communication messaging platforms among 3D printers. Temperature reporting formats also create issues. In some cases, our talented team of programmers is able to resolve issues through coding e.g. in the case of temperature reporting formats.

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